Buoyed by postwar optimism, the Chippewa Creek was part of a $21 million order for 214 new cars announced by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1945. Its consist, The Broadway Limited, was the most prestigious train on what for decades was the top railroad in the nation. The Broadway Limited’s sleepers and lounge cars were staffed and operated by the Pullman Company under contract to the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The Chippewa Creed was part of the “Creek Series” of postwar rail cars crated by Pullman-Standard and is the only surviving car of its design, which features staggered windows on the “upstairs/downstairs” duplex rooms. The duplex rooms were the most expansive and luxurious single accommodation provided by the Pennsylvania Railroad and were highly sought by business travelers. Even today the duplex is the most spacious room on any rail car operating in North America.

The Catalpa Falls Group purchased the Chippewa Creek from the Pacific Railroad Society Museum in Los Angeles, California, who had owned it since 1972.