Chippewa Creek

Part of the original postwar “Creek Series” of cars from Pullman-Standard, the Chippewa Creek is the only surviving car of its design, which features staggered windows and a unique “upstairs/downstairs” configuration, among the 24 “creek cars” originally built. With 12 duplex single rooms and four double bedrooms, the Chippewa Creek can sleep 20 people in luxury and comfort. Once highly sought by business travelers, the spacious duplex rooms are still the largest sleeping rooms on any rail car operating in North America. William Howes, respected railroad executive and author has said the duplex single rooms were the largest private single-person accommodation available on any railroad. He further commented that whenever possible, he would reserve and travel between home and college in one of the duplex rooms of a “Creek” car.


Every room features a toilet and wash basin, with brand new shower facilities located at the end of the car. The double bedrooms have bunk bed arrangements, while the duplexes offer convertible sofabeds and writing tables. When combined with the Catalpa Falls the two cars can easily accommodate overnight tour groups of up to 30 people in the glamour and luxury of yesteryear.