Catalpa Falls

Getting there is twice the fun on the Catalpa Falls, our premier dining and lounge car. This fully restored mid-century modern beauty offers plush seating and dining space for 20 people. The all-purpose lounge and buffet galley kitchen allows for 24-hour bar and meal service.


When sun falls, it can sleep 12 people in six double bedrooms, each with its own toilet and wash basin. The Catalpa Falls has been retrofitted with the latest electronic amenities that in no way detract from its historic appeal. For travelers’ comfort, brand new shower facilities are available.


This all-purpose car makes a luxurious business and social environment, both in motion and standing still. It can be used as your local on-site hotel in the city or destination of your choice.


The car is perfect for 30 people on a day trip, or for 10 people on an overnight or long-distance excursion (typically one of the double bedrooms is occupied by the on-car gourmet chef and the porter). For groups needing to sleep more than 10 people, learn about the Chippewa Creek.