Who We Are

Nearly a century ago, Mrs. August Belmont Jr., grand dame of New York’s banking dynasty said “Traveling by a private car is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately.” She was referring to travel in luxurious private train cars, but the same might be said of Catalpa Falls Group President Bob Andrew’s love of trains.

Growing up west of Philadelphia on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s main line, one of Bob’s favorite boyhood memories is watching for the westbound Broadway Limited on its nightly trek. Bob would wave to the engineer and cook, and dreamed of one day riding onboard himself. By the time he grew up the Broadway Limited’s grand era had passed.

Some dreams are more persistent than others, however. Now over half a century from when the postwar Broadway Limited rail cars made their debut, the Catalpa Falls Group is rebuilding the Broadway Limited one car at a time. Through research, determination, persistence and grit, Bob and the Catalpa Falls Group have a mission to preserve and restore this great American train to its former glory, so that everyone can experience the unique luxury and glamour of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s premier fleet.